Start surfing our website and play the most addictive games. Test your surfing skills, do tricks and have tons of fun.

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We know. Surfing can be so addictive. It's like the perfect sport and any surfer will tell you at least tens of reasons why surfing makes the world a better place. 

Surfing relaxes you, makes you feel happier and I'm sure it's the best way to forget all about the daily problems and stress. Unfortunately you can't go surfing all the time. Even though sometimes you would wish to recreate the fun and awesomeness sensation that surfing provides. No worries, problem solved. We decided to dedicate this website to this awesome sport and we have gathered for you the best free online surfing games ever! 

Your adrenaline will kick in and you will be having a real blast playing these exciting challenging flash surfing games. You know what they say, right- that each wave gives you a whole different feeling. Well, we can say the same about our surfing games: each and one of them will give you a different feeling, sensation, entertainment. So don't waste any more time. Start "surfing" our website and play the most awesome addictive games. Test your surfing skills, improve your surfing skills, do tricks and have tons of fun. And if you maybe want to try something more different but still extreme, we have some really cool snowboarding and skateboarding games for you. 

We want you to have fun and feel welcomed in this fun space that we created especially for you guys who appreciate high quality, exciting flash games. So feel free to play as much as you want, when you want! Also, don't forget that we update our surfing games collection every day. So if you like us, add this website to favorites and check back daily. Grab your board and come take a ride with the lords of the boards.